Joao Modé

br . 2023

+ Galerie Peter Kilchmann

GEOM POEM continues the research into geometric abstractionism Joao Modé has been conducting for the past ten years. In 2013 the artist started to sew together fabric and embroidered them. These Paninhos mark the beginning of this ongoing body of work. The Panhinos and the featured new works in the project space are a tribute to the Geometric Abstract Art tradition that coined the term Brazilian Modernism in the 1950s and Sixties. Since 2018 Modé includes beads in his works that are traditionally used to make guias – necklaces common in African and South-American indigenous cultures. Their Layout is based on strict geometric patterns that are shared amongst tribal cultures through jewelry and body painting designs. Modé recently collaborated with a Xavante Indian to learn their traditional beading technique and applied his thereby acquired insights in a new series of works.
Galerie Peter Kilchmann