Joao Modé

br . 2023

+ Galerie Peter Kilchmann

GEOM POEM continues the research into geometric abstractionism Joao Modé has been conducting for the past ten years. In 2013 the artist started to sew together fabric and embroidered them. These Paninhos mark the beginning of this ongoing body of work. Continue reading Joao Modé



Package on a Table . 1961

+ Gagosian

Alluding to the safeguarding of personal belongings, the works, most of which are from the 1960s and 1970s, also speak to ideas of movement, migration, and preservation. The artist’s mixed heritage and experience as a political refugee, daringly escaping Stalin-era Bulgaria to Prague, then relocating to Vienna, Geneva, Paris, and eventually New York, defined him as an eternal wanderer—“l’étranger,” as he referred to himself. Continue reading Christo


Walid Sadek

Untitled . 2020-2022

+ Fine arts in Lebanon

Walid Sadek is an artist and writer. His early work from mid to late 1990s investigates the familial legacies of the Lebanese civil war. He later begins to posit, mostly in theoretical texts, ways of understanding the complexity of lingering civil strife in times of relative social and economic stability. Continue reading Walid Sadek