GRX arquitectos


GRX arquitectos . fotos: © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

El edificio Isabel la Católica nº2 corresponde a un proyecto, poco conocido, de vivienda colectiva en Granada de José Mª García de Paredes (1924-1990), pero igualmente mantiene los rasgos que caracterizan el trabajo de este arquitecto. El respeto por la obra de García de Paredes nos hace atender a su pensamiento y su dibujo al tratar de resolver la premisa inicial del trabajo: convertir una casa noble de mediados del siglo XX con 240 m² en dos viviendas independientes con patrones domésticos de familias contemporáneas. Continue reading GRX arquitectos



Tour & Taxis Lake Side . Brussels

MVRDV . renders: © RZGraphics

Masterplan for Brussel’s new development area Lake Side on the site of Tour & Taxis consists of a collection of 17 buildings varying in height and designed by seven different architects, including MVRDV. Adding 800 diverse apartments, the plan creates a more dense and lively Tour & Taxis neighbourhood, where residents will find an abundance of amenities nearby. The site offers a wide range of workspaces and venues for conferences and events, plus a nine-hectare park that creates a car-free and communal neighbourhood forming a bridge to the city.
Commissioned by Belgian developer Nextensa, MVRDV is the chief urbanist and plan supervisor while also designing one of the masterplan’s 17 buildings. Continue reading MVRDV


Bajet Giramé

Blurring 2 Attics in Poblenou . Barcelona

Bajet Giramé Architects . photos: © José Hevia

“Blurring 2 Attics” is a project of two interconnected studios in an industrial building in Barcelona. The project follows the archetype of the ‘loft’ as a paradigm gregarious, playful and self-poetic spatial appropriation. Unchained from the privacy of traditional family rules, it blurs conventional boundaries, such as propriety enclosures and the spheres of leisure, production and reproduction. In short, it combines a constellation of living and working situations in generous, diffuse spaces that navigate from indoors to outdoors, from shared to intimate. Continue reading Bajet Giramé